R&T Madeleine
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WElcome To Rody&Taty ShOp


Our Roots

Rody&Taty shop is our outlet to showcase traditional treats rich with stories that we grew up with. Through the stories and taste of freshly made artisanal delicacies, R&T shop transports you to the timeless optimism and simplicity of childhood. At Rody&Taty shop, we celebrate treats that engage the senses, revealing the stories of their origins and inspiring new memories. Our distinctive products are a gateway to the rich confectionery.


Our Madeleine

 Our pure butter madeleine is an invitation to gourmandize. Rody&Taty offers you a traditional recipe passed on from our relatives. Light and soft and as sweet like the memories of our childhood. Inflated, colorful, vanilla or chocolate, our madeleines are an invitation to indulge. Taste our assortment of flavors in a sachet, in a box, or individually, you will for sure come back! The Madeleine, a recipe of the Lorraine tradition which Rody&Taty knows the secrets well are definitely a treat for afternoon tea or breakfast!